The American Fruitcake Institute

The American Fruitcake Institute is dedicated to restoring the good name of one of America's most misunderstood foods. We stand fast in our belief that if people were better educated as to the virtues of this wonderful confection, they would never want to eat anything else when their sweet tooth is acting up. Please open your mind, heart, and mouth to the experience that is fruitcake.

Cake Studies

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Durability Review

Change of Heart Stories

"It was really like eating candy in a loaf."

Megan, 44:

All of these years, people always told me you should throw away fruitcake because it's nasty so I never tried it. Last week, I finally got up the courage and I found it to be light, fluffy, and full of delicious candy. It was really like eating candy in a loaf. I can't wait to stock up for the coming months.

"I bet everyone in the world would love my fruitcakes."

Gertrude, 65:

I hated all the fruitcakes I ever ate until I started making them homemade. Most people just don't know how to make them right. And nothing ever tastes that good when it's store-bought. I bet everyone in the world would love my fruitcakes. That's why I've spent the last 18 years making 100 every holiday season and giving them as wonderful gifts to my family and friends. They love me for it.

"I always made jokes about them being disgusting."

Scott, 34 (and Paw-py):

After trying it, I realized that it was pretty good. I always made jokes about them being disgusting but I was wrong and I can admit that.

"I like fruit and I like cake."

Ariel, 13 (participated with permission from her parents):

I had never tried fruitcake but I like fruit and I like cake so I was like, why not like fruit in cake? Yum.

"I'm completely hooked on the stuff."

Shawn, 22:

I never even heard of this term "fruitcake" until the American Fruitcake Institute approached me about participating in a taste test event. Now I'm completely hooked on the stuff. It's basically pure awesome in loaf form. I called my mom and she's agreed to make me one for every day of the week leading up to Christmas. I can't wait to go on the fruitcake diet.

Dispelling the Myths

Myth: Fruitcake is the worst, most dreaded gift you could give.

Truth: Fruitcake is a wonderfully delicious gift. The worst gift would be to give a framed photograph of yourself to a loved one or friend.

Myth: Everyone hates fruitcake.

Truth: People secretly love fruitcake but just love to complain about it.

Myth: Fruitcake is nasty and tastes like ####.

Truth: Fruitcake is sweet and delicious.

Myth: Fruitcake is only good as a doorstop, anchor, or alternate building material in place of brick.

Truth: Fruitcake, while it is strong enough to be used as all of the above, would be wasted if it doesn't end up eaten by a human.

Myth: There is only one fruitcake and it makes its way all around the world.

Truth: This is a ludicrous statement that we refuse to address.

Myth: No one will own up to inventing fruitcake. It was probably created as punishment by an angry grandma.

Truth: Fruitcake was invented in ancient Rome, and was made of pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash. To this day, Claxton, Georgia and Claxon, Texas have been fighting for over 100 years as to who is the true Fruitcake maker.

Open your mind and your stomach

After dedicating more than 32 years to restoring the good name of fruitcake through countless experiments, historical searches and extensive research studies, we hope you're as convinced as we are that fruitcake is truly something special and magical that should be celebrated each and every holiday season.