Bad kids?

Do your children rip the house apart looking for their holiday gifts? Do they devour all the cookies before December 15? Do they fight over who gets to put the star on the tree?

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Then you need Krampus.

Krampus, meaning "claw," is the evil, sadistic counterpart to jolly, old St. Nick. While the beloved saint bestows gifts upon good boys and girls, Krampus terrifies and punishes the
children who misbehave.

His retribution ranges from whipping with branches and chains to stuffing a particularly nasty wee one into a basket and tossing said child into the eternal fires of Hell. Finally, and the most fiendish punishment of all…no gifts! Mwahhh haaa haaa!! (We said he was evil.)

Start a new holiday tradition. Of terror.

Now, you can use Krampus's frightening appearance and abominable reputation to scare the $%&# out of your kids this holiday season,
shocking them into submission.

Threats start at only $9.99!

Choose from menacing postcards, an anxiety-inducing phone call, or even a personal, chain-wielding visit from the demon himself.

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