Everyone wants the same thing this holiday season – a viral video. Millions of hits, a few minutes of fame, maybe even a brief humiliation on Tosh.0. Well, here are the secrets to bumping those stupid cat videos out of the zeitgeist.

Longer is better. 

Just when you think you’ve dragged it out to an almost unbearable length, go ahead and squeeze in another couple minutes of mundane footage. People have nothing but time, especially during the holidays.

No need to be organized. 

It should look like you gave no thought to the idea whatsoever. The more you and your friends stumble around, trying to figure out what the hell you’re doing as the camera rolls, the more real it feels. 

Let your ambivalence show. 

Put absolutely no effort or energy into it. In fact, instruct everyone involved to look bored, if not downright angry. This is a colossal waste of your time and you want that to shine through.

Have no payoff. 

They’ll be in a frenzy waiting for that big moment when you bring the funny after an interminable setup. If you’re smart, you’ll never give it to them. The best videos don’t. 

And now for an example :

Here's an example of a masterful viral video.

Santa Plays Street Hockey




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