The Holiday Wow Box delivers everything you’ll need this season right to your doorstep – from extra-festive decorations to oddly practical holiday solutions.

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Every Holiday Wow Box includes:

Exclusive Holiday-Scented Candles

Keep these much-loved holiday scents on hand for any coworker, random cousin or friend you didn’t know was a friend that surprises you with a gift.

The Pine Needle Popper

Like confetti, but edgier and harder to clean. You’ll be finding stray needles until Arbor Day.

Holiday Camouflage

Ever heard of the Irish goodbye? Well now you can just go unnoticed the entire time. Dodge your aunt. Go for thirds. Leave in a hurry. This makes it all possible.

Shovel Boots

Lazy, yet effective for trudging through three feet of freshly fallen snow without a snowblower or your dignity.

Mistletoe Cover

Instantly reduces 60% of holiday party anxiety. Especially when Aunt Edna gets into the wine jelly.

Ginger Snap You Back Aspirin

Cures 8 out of 10 holiday hangovers almost every time.

Atomic Super Salt

Use sparingly to help keep invited guests on their feet. Use liberally to form a barricade of potholes and keep unwanted guests at bay.


Our eggnog is specially formulated without gluten, dairy and eggs to kick you out of your December 26 holiday hangover.

Everlasting Zombie Battery

There’s no need to buy dozens of AAAs. Our Zombie Battery can power all of your holiday gadgets or even a small oven for a side ham.

The Un-Holiday Mixtape

Consider this your holiday music palette cleanser. One listen to this and you’ll be begging to hear the Christmas Donkey again.

Truthful Gift Tags

Not every gift will be a hit, but you can better manage expectations with these truthful gift tags.

Limited Edition Christmas Kitten

Surprise your daughter with the one thing she’s always wanted. And the one thing guaranteed to knock over the Christmas tree while you’re not looking.

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